The Beginning:

Food has always been my first love. As far back as I can remember, I loved being in the kitchen, bothering my mom as she cooked. Instead of scolding me, my mom used my cooking curiosity to her advantage. At first, I was just stirring empty pots but, soon after she was teaching me how to make soups, sauces, and entire family meals. I loved it.

Education and Food Career:

I was the recipient of the Emeril Lagasse Student Scholarship in 2007. I worked as his intern at his New Orleans Restaurant in Las Vegas. I received my Associate of Science in Culinary Arts in 2008 from Johnson & Wales University in Denver, Colorado. In 2009, I began working as a Private Chef. During that time, I also worked various catering jobs and I also taught cooking classes for newlyweds, single parents, and athletes. In 2011, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Nutrition from Johnson & Wales. After graduating, I continued my work as a Private Chef but, focused on cooking specialty diets for cancer, diabetic, and Celiac disease clients. Additionally, I specialize in low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, and weight loss diets. Besides working as a Private Chef, I have experience cooking various recipes in restaurants and hospitals.

The Tragic Point of My Career:

In 2014, I couldn't keep up in the kitchen or run my Private Chef business anymore due to arthritis in my hands, so I had to cut back. To make matter worse, my husband was laid off from his job not long after. We quickly found ourselves in a dire position so in order to make ends meet, I abruptly switched careers. I did everything from office work, babysitting, paper route, home health aide, web design, writing, and even selling insurance. I spent several years stressed dealing with office politics and just being unhappy. I was making good money but, I always felt that something was missing.


After working various jobs, I realized I needed a change and decided to return to my safe haven, the kitchen. I found that you can take the girl out of the kitchen but, you can't take the chef out of the girl. Instead of going back to working in restaurants or as a Private Chef again, I decided to start a career in food blogging. With that, I am excited to share some of my favorite food photos, recipes, and writing. I hope you enjoy!