Almond Milk

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Almond milk is no stranger in my home. Several of my family members are lactose intolerant. There are also diet plans they follow that exclude dairy. I had a bag of almonds and decided instead of running to the store for almond milk, I wanted to try to make my own.


  • The ingredients are simply almonds and water.


  1. Put almonds in a container (I used a mason jar) and add enough water to cover the almonds. Have them soak at least 12 hours.
  2. Drain, add almonds to blender, and at least 3 cups of water.
  3. Blend, then drain in a cheesecloth or nut milk bag.
  4. Enjoy!

My conclusion:

Draining in my nut milk bag was a little messy, not going to lie. It took a long time and was a little stressful.  I could have easily gone to the store, waited in the check-out line, bought several gallons of almond milk, meet a friend for lunch, walk my dog, and prepped dinner in the time it took me to make my own almond milk.

But, I will say I loved the taste of this almond milk. I made mine by adding a little cinnamon and maple syrup for flavor. It has a smooth and creamy texture but, is still really light. I put it in my coffee, tea, smoothies, drink it plain, and even my oatmeal.

(Disclosure) I looked and some people throw away what’s leftover in the nut milk bag. I don’t like things going to waste so my next step is to find ways to use it so stay tuned.

Be sure to comment below and let me know if this something you would try, have tried or have perfected a recipe of your own.

Peace and Blessings 😊

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