Quick Side – Steamed Green Beans

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I know many people are either meal prepping or preparing for the holiday. I wanted to share a side I make that is both simple and tasty. All the items I got from the farmer’s market yesterday. For this recipe, you can also trade out fresh green beans for canned or frozen. I steamed the green beans on the grill … Read More

Pepper Steak with Soy Sauce Glaze

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I love a good sauce. Thinking back, it had to be one of my favorite classes in culinary school. If I could, I would love to just make sauces all day. Then at the end of the night dip my favorite proteins and veggies in them. This one is very easy, budget-friendly and consists of items you probably have in … Read More

Chili Spiced Shrimp with Guacamole Salsa

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Shrimp is one of those proteins I have on hand for busy days like today. They don’t take long to cook and I’ll have a meal in minutes.  I miss the days we lived on the coast and could buy fresh seafood.  We could just throw it on the grill with some veggies and have an instant meal. Living in … Read More