Chicken Asparagus With A Cheese Mushroom Sauce

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One my favorite things to do is teach. This is a similar recipe I made with single moms and their kids. You wouldn’t think that looking at this meal it would be a budget meal. But it is! One of the things I always said in my classes is to not be afraid to look around in the grocery store.  There are always racks of discount items in the deli, meats, dairy, shelf, and veggie areas. Every ingredient in this recipe was from those areas. Satisfying meal and on budget?!! Yes, please!!


  • Chicken:
    • Chicken Thighs 1.5 lbs.
    • ½ TBS. Cayenne pepper
    • ½ TBS. Basil
    • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Asparagus:
    • Asparagus, cleaned and trimmed about ½ a pound
    • Lemon juice
    • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Sauce:
    • 1 (14.75 oz) can of Cream of Mushroom
    • 4 oz cream cheese (room temperature)
    • 8 oz pepper jack cheese


  1. Pre-heat your oven to 375*F. While the oven is heating up, line a baking sheet with foil and grease the bottom with cooking spray. Season the chicken thighs and place them in the oven skin side down and cover with foil. Cook chicken for 40 minutes and then take out of the oven.
  2. Turn up heat on oven to 425*F. Flip chicken over and move them to the side of the pan. Add the asparagus to the other side of the pan. Season and add lemon juice. Bake in the oven for an additional 10-15 minutes or until chicken is 165*F and asparagus is al dente.
  3. In a medium sauce pan, heat the can of mushroom soup, ¾ can of water, and cream cheese on low heat. This you have to keep stirring so the cheese doesn’t fall to the bottom and burn. Once it starts to bubble rapidly add the pepper jack check cheese, continue to stir until jack cheese melts.
  4. Plate your chicken thighs and asparagus. Cover with the cheesy mushroom sauce and enjoy!

My conclusion:

This a great recipe for a Sunday night. Sometimes I’ll serve it with some Texas toast. Other times I double the recipe, which is what I taught in class. I’ll tear the chicken off the bone, chop up the asparagus, add some potatoes (I always have instant mashed on hand), and cover it in the sauce. I’ll bake it in the oven and voila another meal without heading to the store.

Be sure to comment below and let me know sections of the grocery store you find the most discounts or a recipe that you’ve made using discounted ingredients.

Peace and Blessings 😊

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