Quick Side – Steamed Green Beans

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I know many people are either meal prepping or preparing for the holiday. I wanted to share a side I make that is both simple and tasty. All the items I got from the farmer’s market yesterday. For this recipe, you can also trade out fresh green beans for canned or frozen. I steamed the green beans on the grill yesterday.


  • ½ lb. green beans
  • 1 cup cranberry salsa
  • 1 cup balsamic vinaigrette


  1. Steam the green beans on the grill.
  2. Toss green beans with a little vinaigrette and top with salsa.
  3. Enjoy!

My Conclusion:

I’ll also make this side with asparagus during their season in spring. Since the weather is hot I served this cold. But during the cold, rainy days I’ll serve it warm. You can also make this ahead of time and bring to a potluck.

Peace and Blessings 😊

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