Sweet Chili Chicken Wings

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It’s Wing Wednesday! I wanted to share one of my favorite sauces to use, sweet chili. I love it so much I even use it on cauliflower and tofu. You can use store-bought sweet chili sauce in the place of making your own but, this sauce contains ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. I chose to grill these … Read More

Pan Fried Tilapia

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It’s finally Friday and we got through another long week. I was craving a fried fish sandwich really bad. We have been eating low carb, so I wanted to make us something that would have all the flavors of a fried sandwich, without all the calories. I wanted to treat ourselves so I pan fried the fish. It is all … Read More

Revamp Store Bought Spread

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My mom likes to try new items at the grocery store. Some new things taste amazing and others need a little revamp. When I worked as a personal chef I had the food budget to spend hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on the best ingredients. Everything I made was from scratch. I didn’t start to revamp items until my mom … Read More