Healthier Apple “Pie” with a Twist

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For this meatless Monday I thought I would do a dish that would satisfy the sweet tooth. I’ve tried apple pie protein shakes and store-bought protein bars but, this homemade recipe is my favorite. I used a no bake peanut butter cookie as the base. I sautéed the apples in a little coconut oil and served it with an oat … Read More

Peaches N’ “Cream” & Chocolate

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This is a recipe that came by “accident” at a catering event I did. I was prepared. My homemade ice cream was in the machine. I finished grilling my peaches. My chocolate sauce was set. I focused on serving the appetizer and entrees. People were so impressed and I couldn’t wait to serve the dessert. I put my chocolate sauce … Read More

Squash and Zucchini Bake

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It has been a depressing week. My arthritis in my hands has been acting up so I couldn’t cook or post. Cooking is my Zen and happy place and when I can’t I get really sad. Then on top of that, we experienced a loss in our family. I’ll never understand the lesson in losing a family member. You’ll always … Read More

Garlic Mushrooms

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We are trying to enjoy our last days of summer. Can’t believe it will be over so soon! We’ve spent many evenings firing up the grill and enjoying the warm weather. I typically serve a salad as a side dish but, today I wanted to do something different. I sliced the mushrooms, added seasonings, and wrapped them in foil. In … Read More

Crispy Tofu Nuggets

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This recipe is a collaboration between me and my sister-in-law. When my husband and I moved to Colorado, we decided we would do our own version of the show, “Chopped.” Basically, you get a basket of random ingredients and have to make an appetizer, entrée, and dessert on the spot. The tofu nuggets were part of our appetizer round. We … Read More