Utilizing What You Have On Hand

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It is hot today. Fall hasn’t started yet and the summer heat is still here. On weekends, I try not to go grocery shopping on days like this. Being hot and around crowds doesn’t work for me. If you’re like me or just want to save money and utilize what you have, here is a satisfying meal. I had some leftover shrimp so, I decided to make chili shrimp. I had zucchini and tomatoes, so I thinly sliced those. I already had guacamole salsa for the shrimp and balsamic vinaigrette for the veggies but, I had to think how to bring them together. The answer, egg foam and chopped walnuts! This light and savory component brought my dish to the next level and I didn’t have to brave out to the grocery store.

One egg white is enough for 8 shrimp.

The procedure is simple. You can whisk the egg whites by hand (your hand will be tired) or with a blender. Whip the egg whites until a peak stays formed. You check this by placing a fork in the bowl and pulling it up (what comes up is the peak). If the peak falls keep whisking, if it stays together you are done.

My conclusion:

This dish has the sweet from the vinaigrette, comfort from the veggies, spice in the shrimp and salsa and savory crunch from the foam and walnuts. It was a easy and yummy meal.

Peace and Blessings😊

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